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Fashion on fleek, with the top 15  African Instagram influencers

Social media is part of our lives, no matter how close or far we are from smartphones or laptops. Anyone in this era, especially in the fashion industry, is highly influenced by social media dynamics and forces that are able to create mesmerizing projects, collaborations, and fresh trends among everything and everyone. The protagonists of all of this are influencers, especially Instagram influencers.


Instagram is a visual-oriented digital space where thousands of users share their passions and opinions on everything. According to a study made by eMarketer in 2020, there should be at least 1.074 billion consumers on Instagram in the year of 2021. A lot of them, almost half of this digital population (50%), follows at least one business from their account (Mention, 2018). The numbers for this last factor may have increased, since Instagram is now considered a marketplace, which serves and promotes businesses of all kinds and for all types of audiences. 


Fashion is one of the topmost followed topics. Being a captivating and eye-catching subject to follow, fashion grasps the attention of many young adults into trendy, vintage, and futuristic styles, ready to be worn and showed off. If you happen to be a fashionista yourself, you might be familiar with the figure of the influencer. These are the people you want to have around if you’re looking for the latest news in fashion. 


In fact, most of the times influencers are Avant-guard individuals that make the most out of their passions, by sharing to the general public the beauty of fashion. Influencers are content creators who work in collaboration with one or more brands, including and possibly their own business. Usually fashion influencers, no matter how solid their engagement and popularity, are a great source of news and trends in the industry. The more local they are, the more of a niched audience they have, with a higher probability to reach a status of experts in regard to a specific area, culture, heritage, or studies. 


Influencers are all over the world. Africa counts a great number of fashionistas. Some of them are based in France, United Kingdom, Germany, and the United States, but they take pride in representing their motherland through their social media. 

With their large spectrum of interests, these creatives are goal-driven individuals who take care of sharing the best of what the fashion industry can offer in Africa, with its multifaceted harmony of colours, shapes, and styles and tons of passion.

Here following are 15 fashion Instagram influencers from Africa:

  • @valerieegbuniwe

A girl in tech, a girl in her most fashionable bag: this is Valerie, the CEO of home decor company L’Aval. Luxury is a top priority for Valerie, which she enjoys through affordable and informative tips. 

  • @kaadjalifestyle

Juggling between Luanda, Angola and Lisbon, Portugal, Kaadja is a cosmopolitan African fashion lover.

  • @bakedonline

Aisha Baker is a smiley and gorgeous woman based in South Africa, from where she supports womanhood and motherhood trough different styles and activities. 

  • @fashionbreed

Aqeelah is a trailblazer in her field, specifically in South Africa. Make sure to check her website and stylish guides here.

  • @afuarida

Afua is living her 30s with such a great sense of fashion. Beauty and travelling are her keys to speak up to her community.

  • @ozinna

An Igbo princess in the making and flourishing in the world wide web. Zina is a marketing queen as well a wonderful fashionista.

  • @theladyvhodka

Jennifer Oseh is the founder of The Wildflower Closet. Colours are her element, along with modern tastes in African fashion.

  • @denolagrey

As a men’s clothing assistant and stylist, Denola is the man to go to. His agency caters individuals seeking for a fresh style and dynamic in their wardrobe. 

  • @mossonyi

British Nigerian vintage lover and musician Onyi Moss has a dedication to an organized feed, its aesthetics and precision in keeping up with a stylish lifestyle.

  • @titiakandolo

Laëtitia Kandolo is the founder of Uchawi, an African fashion brand named after a Swahili word (“uchawi”, which means “magic”). In her page and business she elevates the empowerment of Congolese women in fashion.

  • @maureenbandari

Maureen knows how to treat her business, not only in fashion, but also in beauty and the wine industry. From Kenya, Maureen takes over the world!

  • @chicandsavie

Hassie is a Guinese fashionista based in New York City. Her style is glamorous and chic. Despite being a micro influencer with less than 10K followers, her high engagement puts her in a major place among models to follow in the Black Muslim women community. You can find her beautiful work here.

  • @justjoykendi 

From solar Kenya to the world, this woman has an impeccable taste in fashion, showcasing both traditional and modern African fashion. She talks about lifestyle too, which you can find here.

  • @spoonfullofhoney 

Maryam Taib is a bright fashion and lifestyle influencer. The visuals she share are from Africa and you can check her adventures on her YouTube, which counts more than 12K subscribers.

  • @senorita_elisa 

Nadia Elisa is a Mozambique mother of two little girls. Through her platform she shows off her passion for traditional and contemporary African fashion, her tips in regard to motherhood, and a chill vibe for her lifestyle. You can find her blog (in Portuguese) here.